"Legal Heat is invaluable for people who travel with a firearm. It is a must have for every gun owner in America!"

Legal Heat: 50 State Guide to Firearm Laws and Regulations is the only traveler's guide book on the market that is written and edited by experienced firearm instructors and attorneys. Legal Heat contains an overview of the firearm laws of all 50 states. These comprehensive overviews include prohibited areas for carry, transport rules, duty to inform laws and reciprocity information. It's a must have for any firearm owner that would like to safely, and legally, transport a firearm throughout this great nation.

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  • Ratings: Each state has been rated based on its friendliness towards firearms and their owners.
  • Prohibited Areas: A list of all of the prohibited areas for firearms for each state. This section is essential knowledge for all concealed firearm permit holders.
  • Reciprocity: A list of all the concealed firearm permits that each state currently recognizes.
  • Self Defense and Firearm Laws: Statutory references for additional research.
  • Special Notes: Any special notes that you might need to know about each state.

In addition to all of the above, Legal Heat also contains sections dedicated to essential information, such as how to handle:

  • Airports
  • Police encounters
  • Purchasing/Selling a firearm
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers property
  • National Parks and monuments
  • Transporting a firearm in your vehicle from state to state
  • BLM land
  • Indian reservations
  • Castle doctrines
  • May Issue vs. Shall Issue states
  • Contact information for all Attorney Generals
  • And much more
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